Friday, March 23, 2012

Milano Duomo

Day 30.

Today marks the 30th day here in Rome, and what a crazy feeling that is! I am off for a crazy adventure to Milan and Locarno, Switzerland with two friends I am abroad with. To get to Switzerland we have to take something like 3 trains, and we stopped in Milan after our first train to see the sights. We checked out the Duomo, and the Galleria which were both very interesting. The Duomo was incredible, such a gothic, ornate structure right in the middle of bustling Milan. This photo is from the inside of the church, of the prayer candles that people from anywhere and everywhere light for loved ones. They were spectacularly beautiful and the line of the them was almost unending. After the Duomo we walked to the Galleria (conveniently across the street!) and checked out the architecture, and compared it to the Galleria in Rome. This Galleria, the original is much more successful as an urban shopping space, as it connects to 4 different ways outside and provides a beautiful inside/outside experience. We did some on site sketches and then we were back on the train to Locarno!

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