Saturday, March 24, 2012

Belvedere Museum and Grounds

Day 37.

Today I am still in Vienna and my cousin had a meeting so I headed out in Vienna on my own. I walked around,  did a little shopping and took in the Viennese atmosphere. I had decided that one of the places that I really wanted to see was the Belvedere Museum and grounds so I made my way over there. It by far has been one of my favorite things thus far in my abroad trip. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I spent about 2 hours walking up and down the pebbled paths, looking at all of the statues, manicured shrubs lining the paths, and the incredible architecture of the museum itself. Currently I am working on a 2 page sketch spread of the building, which is architecturally stunning and visually makes a lot of sense. I loved the white building, with the beautiful roof, and all of the ornate pieces of the grounds. There are walking paths, places where fountains spring from and people of all ages strolling around the grounds, taking it all in. It was a beautiful afternoon, with long winter shadows and perfect lighting for photos. I was so interested in the grounds that I didn't even make it into the museum... Well there is always next time!

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