Friday, March 23, 2012

Locarno, Switzerland Harbor

Day 31.

Today we arrived safe and sound in Locarno, Switzerland after 3 trains, and hefty taxi cab fare. We arrived and had time to check out the harbor, which is situated on Lago Maggiore, or Lake Maggiore. The lights on this lake, combined with the lights on the Swiss Alps in the background were really quite incredible. It was breathtaking, and I had a moment of wonder, and could not really believe I was standing at the foot of the Alps. Its times like these that I am jumping up and down inside because I am so happy that I am abroad and able to experience it all. After walking around the harbor we found dinner, Swiss beer included! After dinner we experienced Locarno's version of Carnevale, which in one word is insane. It is part block party, part Halloween on steroids, part frat party, part their version of a 4th of July celebration. There were hundreds of Locarno citizens in full costumes, and when I say full, I mean full body suits of all kinds. Kids were there, teens were there, adults were there of all ages and it was one of the craziest things I have ever been to. We were exhausted about an hour into the party, having traveled all day, but the party went on till around 4am...when we could hear the windows of our hostel vibrating with the music. A great introduction into Swiss culture. 

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