Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cars in Roma.

Day 41.

One of the biggest pieces of culture shock that the whole group has been privy to is the traffic, the cars, and the fast paced speed of the city. The size of the cars are the most surprising, I will put it into perspective for you: Smart Cars look normal sized here. Whereas at home they look like little bugs on the street. Coming from New England where almost everyone has SUVs, the small cars are actually comical, and usually only fit 2 people. This is a car that I saw hanging out outside of a restaurant in Trastevere, and I thought that for starters it was a really beautiful car but in person it was pretty tiny. If you look at the tables at the restaurant next store, you will see that the top of this car is not much taller than they are. And this is a larger car than some that we see on a day to day basis!

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