Friday, March 23, 2012

Swiss Alps

Day 32.

Today the three of us (from the left: Andrew Guild, Drew Oliveira and myself) went to the top of the Swiss Alps. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I do not think that I have ever seen anything so beautiful, or at risk of sounding stereotypical; majestic. Being at the very top of the Swiss Alps is something I will never, ever forget. We took a funicolare (little train) up, and then a gondola, a chairlift and then walked up to the very top, dodging skiers as we made our way up. We stood up at the very top for a while, taking it all in. The Alps, Lago Maggiore at the bottom, the hang gliders swinging gracefully through the air, it really was one of the most amazing experiences. Breathing in the fresh mountain air, the three of us were quiet, for I think the first time ever. We realized that we really wanted a picture of the three of us, but were the only ones at the very top, so we built a mountain of snow to put my camera on, and set it to self timer. This is one of the still frame shots of us being ridiculous at the top of the mountain. It was so fun, but it was even more awe inspiring, to think that we were surrounded by that amount of beauty. The trip to Switzerland was a huge success.

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