Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chiesa Santa Maria

Day 42.

Today we traveled to this beautiful church, not far from Termini Station, which made it an easy journey for us. We went there for our sketching class and our assignment was to choose anything we wanted in the church to draw. It has been really great to branch out from regular lessons and be able to have creative freedom in what we choose to draw. I know as someone who is more inclined to studio art, drawing the architectural subjects can get tedious, and is sometimes completely out of my comfort zone, but this assignment was great because I got to choose something that I wanted to do, while still pushing myself. I chose to do a one point perspective of this part of the church, off of the main chapel area. It is spectacularly beautiful in person, with the arched ceiling and golden embellishments. I am currently still working on it, getting the perspective correct proved to be quite challenging and adding all of the detail and the line-work to get it to be a successful sketch has also proven to be a little bit more challenging. As soon as I start feeling more confident in my sketches I will start posting them, but until now, photos will have to suffice!

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