Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saint Sopra Minerva

Day 34.

Today we started our Urban Palimpsest class, which is sort of an urban studies course based in Rome. Today we followed a popular classic guidebook and his itinerary of Rome and the area around school. We stopped in the Chiesa Saint Sopra Minerva, which I love partly because Bernini's elephant statue is out front of it (I love elephants). We also have had the chance to draw axonometrics as well as elevations of the interior of this church for a previous assignment, which proved to be a challenge. I felt that this church wa challenging to sketch because the beauty, the ornate feeling it has comes from the painted interior of the church, not from moldings, or columns or carved embellishments. It can be hard to portray those bold bright colors, when technically they are flat. But, the church is breathtakingly beautiful and I especially loved the stained glass rose windows, which is something you do not often see in Rome. A really beautiful place to sit and reflect, but since we were in class we kept moving on to our next site. 

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