Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drippy Candles

Day 40.

Walking along any side street in Rome, specifically in Trastevere you will pass  restaurants with tables on the sides of the streets, decorated with bottles of wine with candle wax that has been accumulating. This is one thing that I have heard about in Rome that is actually true, and they are really fun to see decorating the tables In our apartment we have plenty of wine bottles and we have tried to recreate the drippy candle look. Well, usually the candles are fatter than the neck of the bottle so we had to whittle down the candles, and then melt the bottoms of the candles to adhere to the bottles. Then once that was all set we lit them and waited for the magic to happen! We were expecting beautiful rivulets of wax to drip down the bottles, and we were anxious to burn other candles to layer on the colors. Well, the candles didnt all. I am wondering where to get the magnificent drippy candles, because clearly we can't find them anywhere. Then, the leftover stubs and bottles were taken away by the landlord when he came with the cleaning service. I am thinking the candles are best left at the restaurants at this point. 

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