Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vienna Opera House

Day 38.

For my last night in Vienna my aunt and uncle treated my cousin and I to the opera playing at the Vienna Opera House. For me this was the biggest thrill, I have always wanted to see something in the Vienna Opera House, and from my musical experience as well as studying classical music for some time I was beyond excited to see the opera. The opera we saw was Cosi fan Tutte, which was done by Mozart. It was especially exciting to see an opera where it was originally performed. The opera was beautiful, it was a 6 person opera, and I found that the first sopranos voice was really breathtaking. It was a comedic opera, so there were funny parts, which I was not expecting. I loved it, and it is something that I think I will always look back on. This photo is of the chandelier that hangs in the opera house, right above all of the seating. As you can see, it is stunning and I took several pictures to remember the beauty of the theater, as well as the music we enjoyed. 

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