Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rain in Rome

Day 39.

Being abroad has been an incredible experience, I have already traveled to 2 fantastic places and have had the time of my life. It is sometimes easy to forget though that Rome is such an amazing place on its own. Back in the city (though not for long) is so refreshing, and I have surprised myself with how relieved I feel back in Rome. Traveling is so fun, but when I get back to Rome it feels like home, I feel comfortable and I know I can get around the city easily. It has gone to show me how much I have grown since coming here in my first weeks, and how I have grown to love the city and really feel like I live here and can call it home. This photo is a shot of a tall statue outside of the Chiesa Santa Maria, and I loved looking all the way up the solitary column and seeing only sky. Then, by chance a seagull passed by and I snapped this shot. It has been kind of rainy here, so things are moving a little slower, but it does help to stop and smell the roses, and take everything in after having been traveling so much. 

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