Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bus Stop

Day 29.

Living in Rome is a huge change from being at HWS, because not only am  I living in a different country with a different culture, I have made the big leap of going to a school in the country, to the inner workings of a large city. Taking the bus almost every single day is a huge change because I am used to walking out of my house at school and right to class, all within 5 minutes. Being here has been a huge adjustment because I have to give myself 30 minutes to get to class, not 3. Surprisingly, I actually really like it. It is incredibly freeing just to walk out my door and know that I can get anywhere in the city either on foot or through transportation, its like knowing the city is really at my fingertips. I have learned to love exploring, and seeing new things and really surprising myself by finding myself in new areas. Perhaps I am cut out for city living. 

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