Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cooking Class at Tricolore

Day 19.

Today after Italian class we all had the opportunity to go take a cooking class at the restaurant Tricolore.  With 26 of us trying to get to this little restaurant, it turned into quite an adventure, especially during rush hour. Getting 26 of us on one bus was actually impossible and it took a while to actually get there. Once at the class we learned how to make fresh pasta called tagliatelle as well as fresh tomato sauce with their version of bacon, guanciale. We rolled out our own batches of pasta by hand (required some serious elbow grease) and learned how to make the amatriciana sauce with the guanciale. Towards the end of the cooking process, my cooking partner Sara and I tried to follow the directions by pouring a bit of the pasta water into the sauce to make it thicker. We ended up spilling almost all of the water into our sauce and the chef declared our dish "underwater". We then decided to strain the sauce and put it back...interesting decision on our part. I tasted the end result, not too bad, but definitely one of the more hysterical and ridiculous experiences I have had here. 

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