Sunday, January 15, 2012

Piazza di Santa Maria

Day 2.

This picture is marks the success of my first bus ride in Rome! My roommate and I wanted to go to Tresteverae, which is a small area with lots of small streets, restaurants and bars, but it is 45 minutes away from our apartment. We decided to take the bus and after about an half hour of waiting, and switching sides of the street, we made it to our destination and had a great dinner in a restaurant around the corner. I felt very accomplished with the fact that I had made it somewhere nowhere near our apartment in one piece and even that small accomplishment felt really great. The Piazza is beautiful at night, the church in the background is beautiful, and the fountain is really quite gorgeous. I would have preferred to have put up a picture of the Piazza itself but my Mom insisted on pictures of me as well, so here you go! 

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  1. I agree with your Mom, Nelle - we want to see you in these pictures. This is awesome.