Sunday, January 22, 2012


Day 8.

Today we ventured to the Colosseum with the whole group. We got up early and hopped on the metro, thinking it would take us forever to get there. Well it didnt and we ended up standing, waiting for the entire group to arrive. It takes some getting used to, the public transportation and the collective movement of 28 people. It was the first cold day we have encountered here in Rome, I think it was a chilly 36 degrees. Nothing compared to Geneva, or even Wenham, but cold for here and we felt it in the open space of the Colosseum. Being in there is really breathtaking. It is huge, and the way it is set up you can really imagine what went on thousands of years ago. The gladiators, the lions, the gauntlet type fights; you can really see it happening. This is a picture of that one of my apartment-mates took of me doing one of my many requisite sketches. 

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