Sunday, January 29, 2012

Capitoline Museum

Day 11.

Today we ventured to the Capitoline Museum near Piazza Venezia. The museum is famous for  its beautiful statuary, rooms full of ornate decorations and the Romulus and Remulus wolf statue, among other things. We were able to walk through most the museum, see beautiful views of the Roman Forum as well as the rest of the city. The best part of the museum for me was the exhibit on Michelangelo and Da Vinci. We were able to look at actual sketches, their notes and original copies from their sketchbooks, such as Da Vincis sketches on flying machines. It was very surreal being only inches away from actual pages in each of Michelangelo's and Da Vinci's notes and sketches. Very, very cool. There were no cameras allowed in that specific exhibit, for obvious reasons but I was able snap some photos in the other parts of the museum. I particularly liked this shot of the light coming into either side of windows, illuminating the gilded decorations on one of the walls. 

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