Sunday, January 29, 2012

Piazza Cavour

Day 14.

Every day, we head off to school either on foot or on the bus and we pass this beautiful park. For the first two weeks of our trip it has been guarded with fences, caution tape and looked completely off limits. Today as I rode the 280 to school I wondered if we would be able to enjoy it, or if it would still be closed when we left. Well, on the way home from school the park was ready. It seemed that it had been put up, or renovated almost overnight, and I thought to myself, "...well that was quick". Nothing in Massachusetts, or even really on the HWS campus goes up that quickly! The piazza is gorgeous, there is a big center statue, but lots of lush green grass (that apparently grows overnight?) and benches. I settled myself on steps looking out at the piazza and sketched the big statue while eating some delicious fragole gelato. It was a lovely afternoon, and I was very glad that the renovations were over and that we will have plenty of time to enjoy it in our 3 months here. 

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